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Before I publish my entire family photos, I put that one invites everyone's attention. Below is my younger brother Chiranjeevi Mukundan Swamy's Photo. Born on 24th Aug 1973, we are now in the search of an alliance for him. Do you have anyone in your mind who can suit him? For full details you can just view his profile at:


This is my Family, this photo was taken during
first birth annivarsary of my son on 09.09.2004

oh, it's me!
..and on a Camel's back, riding slow...

Joyful moments, for everyone in their childhood..
...days, My daughter Pajju & Son kirti Vasan.

My son Chi. Keerthi on his first birthday......
This was taken on Sept. 09, 2004

My Children

My daughter aged 5, now in her 1st Standard and Son Chi Keerthi nearing his 2nd birth anniversary. Both are very intelligent, clever and very understanding...yes, in their childhood, they are part of my life and assett.

Other Relatives:
My maternal grand parents. Now grandpa is no more, I miss him because, he was so nice a person, like my dad he too was very soft, polite and very understanding.

My grandpa Late Mr. T. S. Ramabathrachariar
and my grandma, now in Virar, Maharashtra.

And the other relatives are a lot more useful to themselves. heheheh.. it is the self proclaimed Internet Jagatguru, who stands tall in many seach engines, but to cap it he is only 5'6"....Joking in nature, smiling whenever he is not angry, a quality in his look, maturity in his talk, should I go on add...manymore lies... no I stop it here... it is TRS Iyengar, name the Great, my maternal Uncle (Sr.)!!!


I am still searching for a suitable photograph of my parents! Yes, my father Late Mr. D. Swamy (Ex TAFE, Sembium) and mother Mrs. K. Swamy's photographs should adorn this pages shortly; Provided the self proclaimed "Internet Guru" obliges again to do this feat.

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